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Typographic Design | Movie Posters

Typographic Design

The challenge offered on the brief by monotype - new blood awards was creating a new visual language for film advertising. One that relies on and relishes words, instead of falling back on the usual photographic imagery. According to that brief, with pure typography and some shapes 3 movie poster designs and give-aways have been created for the movies of director Sofia Coppola. Movies "Lost in Translation", "The Bling Ring" and "Marie Antoinette" which reflect the director's artistic approach in a visual way, inspired the poster designs with their moods. Later, these moods; unbalance in life, displacement, compensation, youthfulness, urge to be appreciated, effected the design decisions in negative space use, balance in the composition and contrast in colors. 
Presentation made in collaboration with ToHo cinemas, which created as a branding example before the project, allowed posters to be displayed on a corporate environment.

Rules were:
- No Image or reference is allowed
- Shapes and composition must be created with letters and fonts
- Must use / create own grid system
- Must create your own alphabet 
- No mainstream idea / poster 

Lost in Translation 

Marie Antoinette

The Bling Ring

mavibahçe, izmir | visual communication department exhibition poster + branding (chosen by curator as the highlight of the exhibition)

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