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one day stand | Festival

Festival Design

One Time Event, 2016
1 day, 4 ESN sections, 200 Erasmus students
What could be done in one day? 
In one day, you will escape from your daily routine and come up with a world full of calmness. 
In one day, you will make new friends along with so many unforgettable memories. You will enjoy your drink by the pool or play games. 
You will lie down on the grass and sunbathe or watch live shows and performances all day long.
That day will be the day of entertainment with many games and live performances arranged for you to escape from your duties and release yourself to the hands of entertainment. 
Non-stop music performances, pool parties and ice-breaking games are waiting for you at "1DS" festival. 
"one-day-stand" festival will be held in our beautiful city of Izmir. It will take whole day from 11 am to 1 am.

Logo and CI development. Web Design.

Application on flyer, poster, social media and give-aways.

Video storyboard and filming.

Project Team: Bartuğ Yıldırım, Deniz Demirdöven | Papilon Films (hired for video footage)

after movie papilon films commissioned by festival pr team 

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