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graduation project/ visual merchandising


Creative Direction / 2017

Brand Analysis, Campaign and Advertisement Research, Concept and Campaign Design, Design Application, Presentation

For Graduation Studio 2017
Photoshop, Indesign, Sony Movie Studio Platinum, Illustrator


Check the Brandbook for the Full Project

Window Display Preview


Izmir Sustainable Days Exhibition 2020 | Goethe Institut, Izmir


Post-Millenials, in other words, generation Z, which we are hearing a lot lately, started to become a big target group for many brands. From late 1990s to 2000s, those extraordinary members of generation Z have different needs and desires. Members of this generation even created their own sub-cultures as the means of self expression since they are more keen on visual world of their unique own. One of those sub-cultures, “Cutesters” are quite popular amongst Z generation. Its style can be described as a little bit touch of harajuku combined with cool and positive looking visuals. Need of style is ok, what about the ethical values that generation Z asks for?

Post-Millenials have more awareness for the socio-political issues around them, compared to previous generations at that same age. Their awareness comes from technology and older generations’ knowledge but compared to older generations, post-millenials are very stubborn about preserving a particular life-style. They know environmental problems and they like to take action. This is why they want sustainable products that are not harmful to the planet but brown, green, and beige coloured, simple sustainable fashion is not appealing for the majority of them. So what do they want? How do they want it? They put importance on ethical values but style is also as important as ethical values, so they want sustainability combined with style. They want to look good but also feel good. They want to wear what they want without harming the planet which creates a huge challenge. Our core belief is to be able to fight in this battle by being Fair & Sustainable without sacrificing our style.

We provide fashionable products for our cutesters with maximum sustainability. Our fashion sense is eclectic,
cute, weird, comfortable, tickling and creative but also very sensitive to our environment.

for more, download the brandbook


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