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Matmatch | Materials Industry Search Directory
UI/UX Design
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Matmatch is an online platform that helps product designers and engineers to find, evaluate and source materials. With a database of thousands of materials, an intuitive search tool, and supplier listings, it changes the way product teams find materials for their projects.
You can find materials using a wide range of filters, including physical, chemical, and thermal characteristics. You can also apply application filters to discover materials that have been used for similar products in your industry.
For material suppliers, they offer a new way to reach customers online. As a go-to source of information for engineers and procurement teams, Matmatch is the perfect platform for suppliers to raise awareness of their products and brand. They offer insights, analytics and opportunities for material suppliers to promote their expertise.

My Roles

-Creating user personas
-Conducting and participating in user interviews
-Conducting and participating in stakeholder workshops
-Translating user research findings and workshop results into working ideas
-Defining product functions and features
-Defining user flows and information architecture
-Designing responsive interfaces
-Collaboration with development engineers
-User testing, analyzing traffic and user engagement

 🗺 01 Discover
 📌 02 Define
 💡03 Ideate
 🧩 04 Prototype
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 🧩 05 Design Library
 🛠 06 Test, Iterate & Ideate
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