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zeynep tosun  internship


Digital Illustrations for Zeynep Tosun x Bomonti collaboration project. | 2016

Due to order lead time, project cancelled.

InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Wacom Tablet

bomonti x zeynep tosun

Bomonti is a very well known beer brand. The reason behind the project is becoming a life-style brand by offering larger variety of products, such as textiles. The company contacted with Zeynep Tosun, one of the biggest designers in Turkey, to design apparel merchandise for Bomonti. The old school vibe and the claim "back to factory settings" was planned to appeal younger generation. he products was planned to sell at bil'stores which is a life-style, young designer multi-brand store in Turkey.

As an intern, I was charged in control of this project, producing several illustrations that reflects life-style. Many of the illustrations are featured. Also project was running with brandwho group.

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