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gigaaa | AI Digital Assistant
End User Mobile Application UX/UI
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all products and promotional materials are designed in 5 languages

Digital Product Design 2017-Present

gigaaa Innovation GmbH is a multinational technology company that is developing an AI Personal Assistant similar to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The initial idea was conceived in early 2014 when the company started with their plan to build an intelligent voice assistant that could outperform all the other ones.

The current problem with existing assistants is that, they fail to satisfy people's need of privacy. Many of the existing assistants also fail to focus on users' social needs. They assistant perform smart home controls, everyday kind of services like weather report, news etc. but what about social features? Do we need to have an app for everything, separately?

gigaaa's main goal is to become a smart assistant which helps people living a fulfilled life by making everyday tasks easier.
gigaaa is a vision to create a minimalist, fulfilled life for everybody: totally free from the hassle of repetitive tasks, so that people can have more time spending what they love, with whom they like. -without violating their privacy need. 

gigaaa MTP: Be a bridge between humans & technology and make AI for everybody.

AI-Personal Assistant : gigaaa Mobile Application

Duration: 3 years - present (3 sprints design+development for each area)

Project Debriefed by:  Product Development Team (me) + CEO

Team: Product Development team (Simay Esmek, PM Iclal Keskin, PO Henrik Preget)

Project Brief: Design a digital touch-point for end users with voice services

Design Challange: Including all aspects of life, designing a fulfilling AI personal assistant.

HMW: How might we make the product more user-friendly, more human and emotional?

My Roles:
•Design Research

•Concept Generation

•Persona Generation
•Integration (with console project)

•Interface Design & Demo

•Developer handover

•Internal Testing

•Final Pitching

Tools Used: Adobe: Xd, After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Media Encoder, Indesign, Figma, Miro, Keynote, Gitlab...

 📌 Discover & Define
 📌 Ideate
 🧩 Prototype
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