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Mother's Day Campaign | United Colors of Benetton.

Window Display & Campaign Design


Creative Direction 2017

Brand Analysis, Campaign and Advertisement Research, Concept and Campaign Design, Design Application, Presentation for Fashion Business Studio.


The brief was​ to analyze the given brand (in this case United Colors of Benetton.) and develop a mother's day campaign concept which then will become a window display design. 

I dived deep in the heritage of the brand, analyzed past campaigns of the brand carefully and came up with my own idea. The idea is to show the new normal family image, which changed and became more inclusive. For mother's day, each brand comes up with a generic idea of red hearts, flowers and a female mid-age mother figure. Benetton is known for challenging the limits of society, using taboos. So, the Idea I created also was a bit controversial and It shows that it is successful because, usually campaigns of benetton are always controversial. 

The new "ideal" family image can be anything. Being a mother is not related to the physical gender, it is an instinct any gender can have. From this refreshing idea, I created the campaign, showcasing lots of different families, celebrating their love and maternal instincts. 
It was prototyped and installed in Izmir, Turkey which was well received by LGBT+ community and supporters but It also was challenging to conservative community. Success!


Process Presented as a Sketchbook

Window Display Mockup in Milan, Near Piazza Duomo

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