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all materials  are designed in German

Branding 2016-Present

unverpack is a concept of selling products without disposable packaging helping zero waste.
When the owners of the shop first contacted us, there was only the concept of unverpackt for the store and no prior idea for the brand. I created the
 visual branding elements and a story for the brand under the leadership of Jorn Frohlich since he was the contact person for this collaboration. Together, we created a successful branding, which is recognized and respected in German zero waste community.


The logo "squirrel 🐿 " symbolizes use of "no packaging" since squirrels are known for breaking the shell of acorns 🌰 they find. So, in a way brand tells this story of cherishing the actual product and getting rid of unsustainable packaging idea. 


Since then, brand is featured in sustainability blogs and communities.



Overview of Unverpackt Darmstadt and interview with the owner Bettina W. (DE)
Lebensmittel verpackungsfrei einkaufen, naturgesund einkaufen in Darmstadt, Bioladen, Bio Supermarkt ohne Verpackungen.
© 2017 Loungefilm | Florian Steinwandter-Dierks

Logo and Visual Elements Process

Before coming to the final logo, we experimented with more generic ideas. Squirrel idea was a winner for us since it helps giving a brand, some character and direction. From there, we went with the application of branding on give-aways and promotional materials which gave some idea to the owners to offer complimentary products for their customers. 

Packaging and Signage Designs 

A good design should also be usable/editable by the client. In many of the cases (such as receipt paper design, product packaging design) designs are transferred to Word and Excell just to make client have a sustainable design system in the store. If the client wants to add a new product to the product range, she can easily edit World template and print it on regular printer at her own ease without the need of designer.


Unverpackt Darmstadt on press.


Featured and Interviewed by Vegan Blog

Articles & Photo Credits

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